Corporate Social Responsibility

Kaynak Derneği
Kaynak Association of Education and Culture is a non-governmental organization. Its companies are a source for improving education. In the light of Sustainable Development Principles, it conducts research and studies with the aim of fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility Projects to promote a more livable future for the benefit of the public.
Kaynak Vakfı
Kaynak Foundation generally operates for the purpose of launching research and development studies in the fields of education, health and science. It aims at contributing to the training of healthy and fair persons that are well equipped with professional knowledge, skills, and abilities; that are respectful to human values, morality, and culture; that are well educated to facilitate the improvement of quality services for the development of the country in each and every field; that are fast and right decision-makers and that are capable of putting into practice their theoretical knowledge; that can extent all sorts of spiritual and financial support to those in need.