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Human Resources Policy

Kaynak Holding comprises many firms operating in different sectors. It derives its competitive force and sectorial success from the importance it gives to “human values.”

Believing that the mission and vision of the Holding can only be achieved and realized thanks to a quality corporate culture, our organization mobilizes and manages all its human resources functions effectively for the orientation, training, and motivation of its employees.

It is our main policy to continuously update and improve all our HR processes and practices in a humanistic approach according to the conditions and circumstances of the day.

In this sense, we aim at being a leader in corporate culture, and offering continuous development and new career opportunities that will create a peaceful work environment where our employees will exemplify our values. This will ensure the sustained success and maintenance of our value system—and allow our employees to be leaders in their field.

Human Resources

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Human Resources Practices


Our main goal is to meet the current and future need of our organization for qualified employees for its various companies in different sectors and to assign the ‘right person’ to the ‘right position’ with a humanistic approach, thus establishing long-term collaboration with our dedicated staff, which are well aware of our corporate culture.

Kaynak Holding and its affiliate companies receive, collect, and accept job applications on the website Moreover, all other applications made through the official websites of group companies and different career portals (,, vb.) are also taken into consideration and assessed. The suitable candidates are called to interviews.

No matter what company or department the applicant applies for, they must embody the following 8 characteristics pursuant to the goals and values of Kaynak Holding:

- Reliability
- Interest and enthusiasm
- Open to development
- Having a sense of mission
- Collaboration
- Efficiency
- Being temperate
- Skilled at communication

Depending on the level of position and its level of responsibility, the following processes are applied:

Professional Inventory Tests
Personality Inventory Tests
English Placement Test
Proficiency Interviews

If the candidates are regarded as suitable and appropriate for the position as a result of all these assessments, they are offered a job and asked to begin to work in the Holding after submitting the required documents.

In order to ensuring that the new employees adapt and orient themselves easily to the Holding, a training titled “My Friend: Orientation Training” is held. This training provides the new employee with:

- E-orientation training starting with the message of the Chairman of our Board of Directors.
- Presentation about the Organization, Vision-Mission-Values, Strategies, and Objectives of the Holding
- Presentation on the relevant Company, its Vision-Mission and Values, and its Strategies and Objectives
- Introduction and information about the position and department



Formerly, there were training departments which delivered trainings for employees. However, today, training also involves development. As training and development are handled together, it requires a more scientific approach. Therefore, training departments were converted into academies, and even universities, as in the case of personnel directorates being turned into human resource departments.

The company’s academies are the structures that design and deliver training by applying more systematic and measurable training methods, as well as certain specific techniques, further combining long distance training with face-to-face classes, keeping track of the progress of the participating employees. Compared to training departments, these can be regarded as schools of the company in terms of having their own in-house trainers, curriculum, and academic calendar. Academies intend to create compatibility between the strategies of the company and progress of the individuals.

Kaynak Holding holds and adopts a humanistic approach at the very of all our services. Given that all our services and works put the main emphasis on human values and dignity, the training of our own staff is deeply important. Our principal goal is to make our employees gain more value, and enable them to professionally develop and perform better.

Having begun its activities with this understanding in 2012, Kaynak Academy aims and aspires to offer training to the approximately 7336 employees working within the Holding or its affiliate companies, which will enhance their abilities and help them professionally improve their skills.

Our Vision: Each and every employee is a separate asset and value for us. At Kaynak Academy, we endeavor to have them notice and realize their core potentials. We take on the view that they should be the leaders and experts in their field.

Our Mission: We desire to raise and create new leaders of the future and have our employees unite their professional development with the values of Kaynak Holding. Kaynak Academy has two main functions. One of them is to prepare and organize in-person class trainings and to design the training contents of the Holding and its affiliate companies, while the other is engaged in the application of e-training technologies which are used in the long-distance training programs.

To desribe them briefly:

Training and Development department conducts such activities as organizing classroom trainings, creating and sharing e-training and training technologies, and ensuring the smooth operation of long distance training programs. It helps to identify those within the Holding who would be ideal trainers, and also contacting consulting firms that can help more effectively develop our processes.

E-training and Training Technologies department conducts such activities as preparing long-distance trainings, converting the training designs created by the training and development department into e-trainings, getting the employees of the Holding and its affiliate companies to join the long-distance trainings, developing learning-friendly techniques by applying different training methods, and reporting to management about the effectiveness of training procedures.

Kaynak Holding runs various trainings under the following categories:

Professional and technical trainings
Manager trainee programs
Orientation trainings
Information technology trainings
Development trainings
Hobby trainings
Legal and compulsory trainings
E-trainings a Training Base

This training platform was set up and began service in 2012 in order to ensure that all our companies access the long-distance trainings from one single point.

Driven by the philosophy of turning Kaynak Academy into a training base, all our employees were introduced to a continuous learning platform. Employees can track all the trainings they have received so far or will need to receive, their success rate, and future plans. This platform has also become a website frequently visited by other internet users, with the various kinds of essays and personal development articles it includes.

Your new address for development:

Career and Skills Management

Career at Kaynak Holding

The purpose of career and skills management at Kaynak Holding is to identify potentially promising employees early, to provide them with the necessary professional knowledge, to improve and develop their skills, to foster their development, and to prepare them for more demanding and challenging tasks. Therefore, Kaynak Holding adopts the principle of supplying its team of experts and managers from within its own organization.

Career Management

The purpose of career management at Kaynak Holding is to integrate the potentials, knowledge, skills, and experiences of our employees with their expectations, and to help them realize their personal goals and ambitions so they can most effectively plan their careers.

Kaynak Holding has created career maps based on positions, which indicate which career paths to follow.

The promotion of an employee to a higher position can only be possible provided that he or she completes their prescribed working periods at their current position, and that their performance is satisfying enough and meets the criteria required by the higher position and rank.

We pay attention to and care about career expectations and professional and personal developments of our employees, and lay the grounds for their self-development and career management. In this respect, we deliver a wide range of advanced professional training programs.

We believe that it is of high significance to assign employees to the most suitable positions so that they will be able to realize, unlock and use their potentials to the highest extent possible.
After being employed at Kaynak Holding, employees are subject to performance evaluation, promotion, rotation, being assigned to different projects, participation in training events, and development activities

Skills Management

The purpose of skills management at Kaynak Holding is to identify and enhance the capacities, abilities, qualifications, and distinctive features of our employees, and to make the best use of their abilities/skills in the right areas.

It is our priority to help our existing employees uncover and improve their hidden talents.
Skills Management starts with the participation and identification of new employees with high potential and proceeds to develop and prepare them for management roles.
All skills management processes are carried out in compliance with the pre-determined and announced criteria/standards, and our employees are offered equal opportunities as per our principle of fair treatment to all.

Performance Management

Kaynak Holding believes that organizational success relies on and results from individual success. Therefore, a performance management system is used to promote and encourage development of our employees in line with the goals and targets of the company. In order to create harmony and compatibility between the goals of Kaynak Holding and our employees’ personal goals, “top-down” targets become more likely to be obeyed and observed with the help of “bottom-up” targets.

Kaynak Holding strongly encourages employees to achieve their individual goals. Nevertheless, it is also important how they achieve them. The values and principles of Kaynak Holding are critical factors in how our employees realize their targets. Our target-oriented performance management system is based on providing employees with feedback about all the matters concerning their performance and future potential.

This is intended to achieve a mutual agreement between manager and employee on the stages of target setting, performance assessment, and progress planning. Performance assessment results are taken into consideration in career management, as well as awarding the best performance and progress in trainings.

The target-and-competency based performances of employees are subject to assessment once a year. All the criteria related to competency-based assessments were determined as a result of long-term professional studies with Fatih University, and further customized in line with the opinions of all our employees. Performance Assessments mainly aim at ascertaining the personal development areas and organizing the necessary trainings, and contributing to the wage system.

Wage and Fringe Benefits

It is our principal aim to employ a fair wage system that is competitive in the market and that motivates the productivity of our employees.

Wage Policy

Kaynak Holding predicates its wage system on the Hay Group Wage System. Pursuant to HR policies, the Gross Wage System is implemented. Candidate employees are offered the wages indicated in our wage scale in consideration of their education level, experience, competency, and other qualities. The fair wage system makes sure that wages are objectively calculated based on the employee’s workload.


Employees having completed a four-month working period in our organization are entitled to receive a bonus as much as 2 months’ gross salary

Social Relief

Additional payments to employees depending on their marital status and the number of their children
Cash indemnity is paid to the employees in charge of custody of money.
Fuel assistance is extended at some of our companies.
Under the framework of corporate regulations, employees are provided with extra benefits in the case of marriage, birth, and date.
Bus services are offered by some of our companies. Mobile phones and company cars can also be put at the disposal of employees in some certain positions.

Job Applications

Kaynak Holding and its affiliate companies receive and accept Job Applications via Moreover, all the other applications made through the official websites of Holding companies and career portals are also taken into consideration and assessed. The suitable candidates are called to interviews. Please click to join the family of Kaynak Holding and find out more about job vacancies.