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Meet up with Kaynak Holding

Kaynak Holding was established with a view to satisfy the essential needs of our society and country in the best manner possible. It has taken steps in that direction in the pursuit of education and culture.

It first began serving the publishing sector and then expanded into retail, distribution, printing, paper production and media. Finally, it grew into a business producing educational tools, stationery, school uniforms, logistics, cargo and food products through foundations such as Kaynakder and Kaynak.

It intends to not only continue to grow and develop in these fields but also to make new investments in the health industry.

Having attained a growth rate of 18% among its 31 companies in 16 different sectors with its 10304 employees and approximately 100 active trademarks, Kaynak Holding currently offer its services to all corners of Turkey and trade with more than 100 foreign countries.

It aims to set an example in all aspects of business with its leading product and services. It performs and carries out:
its publishing activities through Kaynak Cultural Publishing Group, Zambak School Publishing Group, Sürat Publishing Group for Exam Preparations, and Kaynak Copyright Agency;
its retailing activities through NT Stores;
its distribution activities through Gökkuşağı;
its printing activities through Çağlayan Printing House;
its paper production through Kaynak Paper;
its media activities through Kaynak Media;
its information and data processing activities through Sürat Technology;
its activities related to educational tools through Sürat Educational Tools;
its stationery works through Alfa;
its activities related to educational tools through PAL;
its activities related to school uniforms through Inspire;
its tourism activities through Nüanstur and Sürattur;
its cargo operations through Sürat Cargo;
its logistics operations through Sürat Logistics;
its food operations through Bereket Food, İtina Wholesale Food Sales, and İtina Meat and Dairy Product Stores;
its social responsibility works through Kaynak Foundation and Kaynakder.

Kaynak Holding
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Our Mission

Contributing to the progress of mankind.

Our Vision

Being a leader in the sectors in which we operate.

Our Values

  • Respecting all human values
  • quality products
  • open to innovation and development
  • have an understanding of participative management
  • aware of our social responsibilities


Our Code of Business Conduct

• Every decision he takes is just and fair.
• Every work he carries out adds beauty to his surrounding. He does not discriminate anybody in business on grounds of religion, language, skin colour and race.
• He is a good listener on every topic without any distinction.

SUFFICIENCY • He has all the knowledge, skills and facilities that his work requires.
• He demonstrates all his abilities and skills in all his works.
• He has a good communication skill.
• He keeps a good record. He keeps record of everything he does.
• He is good at observation and analysis and sensitive to what happens in his surroundings.

REPRESENTATION CAPACITY • His attitude and behaviours represent his workplace in the most appropriate manner.
• He proves the difference of his organization in his works and relations.
• His speech, behaviour and his approach to events evoke others’ confidence and trust.
• He keeps his promises. He does not make any promise for anything he is doomed to fail.
• The works he does in his field set a good example to others.
• His dressing and personal care represent the organization.

CHARACTER • He is honest and rightous. His behaviour deserves appreciation.
• He has inner peace and spreads positive energy around.
• He is patient and a source of hope for others.
• He is mild-mannered and is on good terms with others
• He does not dissappoint whoever trusts him. Whoever gives him an assignment feels sure of his dedication and accomplishment.
• He is reliable in his works.
• He responds to favours with better favours.
• He forgives the faults and offences of others
• He is trustworthy.
• He makes other happy with his favours.
• He is always helpful and generous.
• He is modest and does not try to show off.

WORKING • He embraces and takes all the works assigned to him seriously regardless of his title and authority.
• He follows up every step and stage of his works meticulously in complete details until he completes.
• He shows great care to completes all his works on time and without any fault.
• He keeps to the work schedule.
• He is ready to be held accountable for his works.
• He gives priority to significant works.
• Hes does not waste his time on trivial and unnecessary things.
• He is highly motivated and motivates others too.
• He is always ready to act and take part.
• He tends to get involved in teamwork. He can work with everybody.
• He takes into account benefits of all stakeholders.
• He acts according to strategic plan of the organization.
• He makes efforts to perform all his works in the best way.
• He respects the national and moral values.
• He loves his work and is eager and willing to do his works.
• He makes maximum effort to not to make any mistake or faust.

IDEA OF KEEPING OTHERS ALIVE • He holds the idea of living to keep others alive.
• He is understanding of and tolerant towards others.
• He acts mercifully in his relations with others.
• He shares with his colleagues whatever he knows and he always tends to teach how to do.
• All the time he tries to be the giver rather than receiver.

SOLUTION-ORIENTED • He is solution-oriented.
• He does not give in when he faces a problem or difficulty. He is determined and strong-willed.
• He does not rely upon others, he takes care of his own works and does whatever they need to get finished.
• He does serious researches and reaches to conclusions in his field.
• He pays attention to keeping his works under control and does not make up excuses.
• He turns the impending crises into opportunities for his organization.
• He is consistent and his works are predicated on sustainability.
• He solves the problems as quickly as possible.

DOING JUSTICE TO ONE’S TITLE • He feels responsible for leadership.
• He has a say in all his works.
• He strived to be the forerunner.
• He does justice to his title and powers.
• He takes responsibility for the unexpected situations and performs whatever needs to fulfil his responsibilities.
• He knows what steps to take and performs whatever he is asked to do.
• Despite all the challenges and under all circumstances, he works hard without any sign of yielding or desperation.
• He employs all his powers effectively taking into consideration all the possibilities ahead.
• He utilises his sources effectively and efficiently.
• He takes care of his works without the intent of showing off.

IN AN EFFORT TO REFRESH HIMSELF • He continuously develops himself to be qualified enough in his field of work.
• He is productive, innovate and reformist.
• He continually develops and improves his works.
• He makes personal influence on the assignments assigned to him. He is good at introducing and promoting his works.
• He enlivens and refreshes all the units he is responsible for. He does not allow for laziness and lethargy.

SENSE OF BELONGING • He does not expose internal problems of the organization and does not divulge or share the secrets of the company with others.
• He does not allow anything that will likely to harm the organization. He takes measures and precautions.
• He feels himself as the owner of the organization.

Corporate Tour

Kaynak Holding organizes “corporation introduction tours” to introduce Kaynak Holding and Kaynak Holding’s group companies.
Our tours will be every working days from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm. If participants are being late to catch the tours, their appointments will be cancelled because of next participant’s groups. They need to get new appointment.

Tour Reservation Information